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Bachelors Degree in Psychology

If you are motivated to help others and to make their lives much more enjoyable, or in some cases, just help them through a very tough time, then a psychology career is a good fit for you and you will need a bachelors degree in psychology.

When you look at the psychology degrees offered by some of the best universities (both on and off line) including the private liberal arts colleges, most will include bachelor degrees as well as master degrees. Of course, the advantage of an online psychology school is that you can continue working during the day (or evening) and fill your free time studying for your new career.

There are so many psychology-related career options, that to say you must have a bachelors or masters degree would not really be accurate.

Many counselors or coaches have bachelors degrees in psychology and have life-long, satisfying careers. Other specialties will require the next level of education, the masters degree, or even a doctorate degree. Clinical psychologist and forensic psychologists, for instance are two of those specialties. Most of the time, psychologists within private practice have at least earned their master’s degree.  But understand, these practitioners started their education with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. In the field of psychology, it forms the basis for your career.

Many of the psychology career paths available to professionals with a bachelors degree that are related to helping people with family issues in general, including school counselors, divorce counseling, and social work. Once you have your degree, the possibilities really open up for you.

According to the industry statistics, we seen an increase in competition for entrance to graduate psychology classes. Psychology is a rewarding career and we know that human behavior issues will always ensure strong demand for mental health professionals. This indicates the industry will likely see continued growth for many years to come.

Of course, your psychology career opportunities really start to open up when you move beyond a bachelors degree and move on to earning your masters degree in psychology.