About Online Psychology Degree

OPD was founded to educate and inspire those who are in, or who want to be in, the field of psychology to pursue a career helping others. We provide resources for those new to psychology, scholarship ideas for students, interviews with psychologists and therapists who work in a variety of roles and more to let those interested in working in psychology know what to expect and look forward to as they enter the field.

What We Do

At OPD, our primary goal is to make sure there are the most highly educated psychologists out there, and to provide a bridge for those looking to start their education to the appropriate schools where they could earn their degree. The field of psychology is growing at a rate of 14%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is considered faster than average. Job prospects are expected to be best for those with a post-graduate degree, so the more education, the better. By explaining the process from the initial inquiry about the education process, licensing, internships, how to pay for school and how to find a job, we feel we are equipping future psychologists with what they need to be successful.


Looking for contributors

We are looking for you! If you are willing to talk about your experience in the field of Psychology, we would love to talk to you! Simply fill out the contact page, and we will be in touch.

Data Sources

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