January 20, 2018

What Will an Online Psychology Degree Cost?

The cost of an online degree in psychology varies depending on what online educational institutions you are considering, and whether you are looking for an undergraduate psychology degree, a masters degree in psychology, or a doctoral degree. An online degree from Argosy University, for example, consisting of 120 hours of courses at $510 per course, will cost around $61,000. Kaplan University offers similar undergraduate psychology degrees for $353 per credit hour, and a graduate online degree in psychology is available at $350 per credit hour. An undergraduate psychology degree from the online program at Baker College costs $190 per credit hour, so that a program consisting of 180 hours of coursework, plus application and graduation fees, will cost a total of $34,270. Drexel University offers an undergraduate degree for a total of around $109,200, but provides a ten percent discount to tuition costs for companies and associations who wish to provide members or employees with online training.