January 20, 2018

What to Expect from an Online Psychology Degree

While online psychology degrees may vary greatly, depending on where you go and how the courses are set up, you can look forward to a schedule of courses that start out covering the basics of psychology and become progressively more specialized as they examine the field in greater depth. This is true even for an advanced program such as a masters degree in psychology, or even for a doctorate, as any given degree program will be organized so that each course will prepare you for future courses.

Certain online courses may be very similar to traditional classroom courses, being led by a professor or instructor who gives lectures at set times and provides periodic tests of a student’s understanding of the material. Online institutions may offer the option of remote classroom attendance using webcasts that allow for viewing lectures, and may also use more advanced software that allows online students to ask questions of the instructor during the session. Online psychology courses may include web-based tests and quizzes, to gauge how well you are doing and to record your progress for the purpose of awarding your degree in psychology. Other courses are self-guided, with online course materials and recorded lectures taking the place of live scheduled webcasts, allowing you to participate whenever it best suits your schedule. Writing assignments may be included for some courses, in which case your instructor may have you submit papers and essays over email or through web pages.