January 20, 2018

Types of Online Psychology Degrees

No matter what your schedule, budget, or learning style, there is an online psychology degree out there that is perfect for you. Whether you are more comfortable with webcast classroom sessions, recorded lectures, online learning modules, podcasts or other formats, online courses are available that will allow you to acquire a psychology degree in a manner consistent with your learning preferences and your personal goals. Let’s look at some of the options currently offered by online psychology schools:

Self Study

Are you interested in the insight and prestige that come with a degree in psychology, but don’t have time during the hours in which daytime or evening courses are normally offered? Self-study online courses provide the student with a way to study course materials, take tests, submit assignments, and receive a degree without having to adhere to pre-set class schedules. Self study modules are designed to provide students with all of the information that would normally be contained in psychology courses, in the form of text, audio recordings, or video recordings. These modules also provide benchmarks and evaluation tools both for the convenience of the student, and so that the institution can verify that the information required for the degree has been properly learned.

If your schedule changes frequently, and you aren’t always able to schedule a regular time for online learning, programs like the one offered by California Coast University might be a good fit. This program is completely unstructured and self-paced, allowing you to start your degree program at any point during the year, without having to wait for the next semester. This bachelors degree provides you with an in-depth survey of psychology topics, including environmental psychology, health psychology, developmental psychology, and many others.

If you’re looking for an online graduate degree in psychology, schools such as Must University offer advanced degrees in counseling psychology, educational psychology, organizational psychology, clinical psychology, and general psychology on a self-determined schedule. This institution provides all course materials online, allowing students to sit down, log in to their online student area, and work on their courses from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.