January 20, 2018

Traditional Universities Offering Online Psychology Degrees

If you prosper in classroom-style learning environments and enjoy the professor-student interaction fostered by lectures and discussions, an online degree program from a traditional university can offer a rich and rewarding educational experience. Universities that have refined their teaching techniques for decades and, in some cases, centuries, are migrating their tried and true classroom learning environments to the online world, allowing students to partake in the educational experience whether they are on the other side of town, or the other side of the world.

Online degrees from traditional universities also provide the student with the certification of a diploma recognized by the academic and professional communities, and the backing of the reputation of an accredited institution of learning. Universities with well-developed psychology degree programs offer a wide variety of online courses for students interested in a structured classroom-style approach to distance learning.

The University of Maryland is one example of a traditional “brick and mortar” university that has diversified into several modes of distance learning, including online psychology courses. The online psychology degree offered by this university includes both self-study elements and scheduled discussions, to give online students both the scheduling flexibility of online content, and the benefit of the real-time classroom environment.

The University of Massachusetts is another institution that combines the structure and reputation of a traditional university with the flexibility and convenience of an online degree. Offering the student both undergraduate and graduate degrees, this online program puts the quality education developed by this university within easy reach of people whose schedules or geographic location would otherwise make it impossible for them to attend.