February 24, 2018

Review Feedback on Online Psychology Degree Programs

Now that you have trimmed your list of degree programs down to the ones that meet your requirements, and put them in order of suitability, you will need to figure out which ones deliver an enjoyable and rewarding educational experience. The best way to judge an online psychology degree program is by the testimonials of students who have taken the program in the past. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to find out how good a course actually is, and to predict whether you will like it or not.

Some of the independent school review websites are a good source of word-of-mouth recommendations and student testimonials. These sites invite students to log in and submit positive or negative reviews about their experiences with different universities, and they can be a very useful tool in determining which online degree programs are worthwhile. Our Online Degree Reviews features reviews from nearly four hundred colleges, searchable by school or by subject. Other sites also have a great selection of reviews of web-based degree programs, including a number of online psychology programs, which you can look through to narrow down your prospective list of degree programs.

Online psychology schools themselves can also provide a useful source of student testimonials. Students who have enjoyed the experience of earning a degree from an institution are often encouraged to express in their own words what they liked about the program, so that the institution can post it on their website as a positive viewpoint. Schools such as Baker, University of Phoenix, and Kaplan all provide several reviews from students at different levels and in different programs, to give potential applicants a look at a cross-section of the learning experience. Naturally, a school isn’t likely to post a negative review, so the reviews provided about a school by that school should be read carefully. Even so, school-provided testimonials can tell you what the strengths are of a given institution, and can also give you an idea of what to expect by what isn’t said.

We recommend you check out our featured psychology schools as these are some of the largest and most established psychology degree programs.


  1. Mr. Counselor says:

    I really appreciate the pscyhology degree articles here. I’ve got my bachelor’s and I think I’m going to get my master’s online while I continue to work as a couselor.

  2. I appreciate your thoughts on feedback on degree programs. With so many options, it does seem tough to choose.

  3. I must admit, with so many psychology degree program options, it is a bit tough to determine the best fit. Would you suggest contacting a few to get a better sense of what each psychology school offers?