January 20, 2018

Evaluate Your Personal Situation

The first step in choosing the online psychology degree that is best for you is to figure out what you would like to spend. Tuition can range from the low tens of thousands of dollars to over a hundred thousand dollars, depending on which institution is offering the degree. Figuring out how much you can spend on tuition is a good first step in evaluating psychology degree programs. Determining your budget will also help you figure out if you need to apply for financial aid, which many institutions offer to prospective students. If you do apply for financial aid, figuring out the details of your finances ahead of time may also save you time in filling out the paperwork for tuition assistance.

Figuring out how much time you have each day or each week to dedicate to an online degree is another important step in choosing between online psychology degree programs. Different institutions offer classes and instructional programs at different paces, so knowing how much room you have in your schedule for online classes will let you know whether a fast-paced course will work for you, or if a more gradual degree program will better suit your needs. You should also look at your daily schedule to figure out what times during the day you can participate in online psychology courses. This will help you figure out if you can commit to attending live lectures and discussions broadcast over the internet, or whether you should choose a self-study program that allows you to work on your own time. These factors will help you determine what online learning format will be most helpful to you.

A third consideration that can be helpful in choosing an online degree in psychology is what kind of learning environment you most enjoy. Do you like listening to information presented in a lecture format and taking notes, or do you learn better from guided class discussions? Does it help to have a set class schedule so that you can incorporate your psychology degree into your routine, or will you learn better if you are able to work on course materials when you feel like it? Questions like these can help you figure out if you should look for scheduled lecture-based classes like the ones offered by the University of Maryland, or a self-guided online degree program. Choosing the learning format that suits you best will not only make your online learning experience more enjoyable, it will also aid you in learning and understanding the material.


  1. Hussein says:

    I am an engineer and a level hdeaed guy and I don’t have much time for mumbo jumbo. My wife who I have been with for 15 years is an artist and has always been interested in esoteric subjects astrology, mythology, magic and psychotherapy.

    Over the past year she had started doing astrology charts and tarot readings for friends, word spread and now she gives several readings a week and makes about a3500 + from doing this, she could make more but turns down work as her main work is still her art. She has a 1st class BA and a Masters degree in fine art and she also works providing group art therapy as well as studying art therapy.

    I worry that she could be damaging her reputation by doing fortune telling on the side. Someone at work found out and make jokes about it but some of the women have asked about getting readings. I just don’t know how to take it as she is a highly intelligent and educated woman and yet she is perhaps wasting her time on this bizarre occupation.


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