January 20, 2018

Evaluate Cost, Quality and Time Commitment

Now that you have looked at how much money you have to spend on your degree program, what kind of psychology classes will fit into your schedule, and what goals you are trying to achieve, you are ready to make a list of degree options that meet your qualifications. In order to fully evaluate each possible online psychology degree program, it is helpful to ask the following questions:

  • Is the tuition within my budget?
  • If the courses are on a set schedule, is it compatible with my schedule?
  • Am I comfortable with committing to the pace of this online psychology degree?
  • Is the specific degree program something that will help me in my career, or help me get the job I am seeking?

A good way to approach this decision is to ask each of the questions above for all of the online psychology degree programs on your list, crossing off the ones that are not compatible with your budget, schedule, or overall goals. Then, take the remaining options and rearrange them in order of how compatible they are with what you are looking for.

Narrowing down and ordering this list according to which degree programs are best for you will give you several options to work with, and will help to clarify your goals, your price limits, and how flexible you can be regarding class schedules, assignment deadlines, and testing dates.


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