January 20, 2018

Employer-Provided Psychology Training

If you’re a working professional in a field where a degree in psychology could benefit both you and your company, employer provided training might be just the answer. Employers providing online psychology degree training for their workers can benefit greatly from the convenience and flexibility of online education, allowing their employees to receive training without having to travel or needing to drop everything for days or weeks of fixed-schedule classes. Companies or institutions can also benefit from volume discounts when arranging training courses for employees, since many training companies and schools will provide discounts when a large number of students can be guaranteed. Some institutions will also offer online psychology degree discounts specifically for companies seeking training for employees, in order to encourage large-volume transactions and to build business relationships with organizations who will need training in the future.

All of the above reasons are reasons you can give your boss for setting up employer-provided training, but there are benefits for you as well. Employer-provided training is generally funded mostly or completely by your company, potentially saving you the out-of-pocket expense for career development. A company providing online degrees to employees will also generally provide time in which to work on them, saving you from having to cram one more thing into your off-hours schedule.

Taking online courses along with your co-workers means you will have people around you to discuss the material with, to get a better understanding of what you are learning. And, of course, if the boss is providing it, you know that it will be put to use in your job, and may even lead to better promotion prospects down the road. Employer-provided training may come with a requirement that you stay with the company longer, which you will have to take into account when deciding whether to accept training from your company, but this is frequently an acceptable condition for psychology training provided by your workplace.