February 24, 2018


Looking at Psychology as a Career Opportunity

Let me ask you, what separates people struggling with their career decision from those who are on their path to a successful career in psychology?

Knowing where you want to go and executing a plan to get there.

You see, unless you are an expert at selecting a psychology school, you don’t have the depth of experience of how to select the best match when it comes to earning your psychology degree. That’s why I created this site – to help you understand what a psychology career entails, employment options and how to select an online pyschology degree program.

You may find some of the articles here familiar – that’s a good thing. Then there will be others that shed light on a topic unfamiliar to you. In the end, I want you to feel like you have enough information to ask the intelligent questions of any school you are considering.

Remember, any idea is only worth a dollar. It is the implementation that is worth a million. But most people are not willing to implement… to take the necessary action.

Become someone who takes action to improve yourself.

So, I am here to give you ideas, develop a plan for yourself and encourage you along your path to landing a career in psychology.  Here’s just some of the topics I cover…

I invite you to take a look around the site, learn more and get some ideas on pursuing your pyschology degree.